The high-quality instruments from Xplore help you to compound your new formulations in a more reliable and faster manner and also to shape them into reproducible test samples, films or fibres. A typical compounding and shaping process can now be performed in less than 10 min with a sample of 5 -15 and now also 40 ml. Besides, our dedicated cleaning cycle guarantees optimum cleaning in a short turn around time.

MC 40 and MC 15 HT barrel view

Xplore is the front runner in developing, producing and marketing micro extrusion and shaping instruments. These instruments are utilized for fast screening, feasibility studies and solving technical marketing issues in polymer and elastomeric materials, biomedical applications, energetic materials applications and will serve your needs in researching nutritional products.

We can help you with small scale extruders and compounders, injection moulders, fibre spinning devices and film casting instruments. Our equipment excels in durability, reliability and ease of use. Our conical twin-screw mixers can be equipped with proprietary rheological software that provides data on the melt screw torque, melt viscosity, shear rate and shear stress. In addition, we developed a proprietary protocol to guide you with scaling your recipe to larger-scale parallel twin-screw extruders.

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MC 5 barrel view