Easy to use, "Next Gen" Xplore instruments: faster and more reliable R&D results

Xplore’s next-generation micro compounding and shaping instruments are designed for formulation development, feasibility studies, solving technical marketing issues and screening of polymer materials, rubber compounds, biomedical and pharmaceutical formulations, energetic materials and nutritional products. 

We can help you with small scale mixing instruments (ultra-high torque micro extruders and compounders), injection moulding, cast film lines, fibre spinning and conditioning. Our lab instruments excel in durability, reliability, control and ease of use. Our conical twin-screw compounders can be equipped with proprietary rheological software that provides screw torque in the melt, melt viscosity, shear rate and shear stress. In addition, we can offer you a proprietary up-scaling protocol  to larger, parallel twin-screw extruders.

We can also develop custom-designed solutions such as a hollow fibre die, pull-trusion dies or a 3D filament line.

The MC 40 and MC 15 HT, the next-generation micro-compounders; 40 Nm melt torque over the complete 1-500 rpm range.
The more cost-effective MC 5, on the right, is very suitable when not enough material is available.
Fortunately, the MC 5 has still enough specific torque available to conduct nearly every mixing experiment.