Micro 3D filament line

Preliminary information, (subject to changes).

Xplore Instruments BV will soon launch a 3D print filament screening add-on which enables you to produce Fused Filaments Fabrication (FFF, also known as FDM, Fused Deposition Modeling) filaments from polymeric materials with good dimensional stability from small amounts of material. This 3D print filament R&D line is a unique asset for the development of experimental nascent filament formulations. It will create custom product opportunities by delivering quick reliable test results of filament samples for subsequent testing analysis purposes.  When connected to our Xplore MC 15 HT or MC 40 compounder it is a full-fledged 3D print filament screening line to speed up your R&D efforts.  Are you in R&D of 3D print filament compositions than this is a “must-have” screening tool.

Our 3D Filament line add-on for our larger compounders offers you the FFF solution: reliable and reproducible, fast results with a minimum amount of material, waste, less equipment and infrastructural costs. The core of this laboratory 3D Filament Line can be formed with one of our larger compounders  In combination with its optional dedicated feeder the compounder can provide an accurate throughput of polymeric material, which is the foundation for a desired final diameter of the 3D print filament. 

The melt torque measurement in combination with the custom volumetric feeder guarantees that an equilibrium can be sustained in the main processing barrel of the compounder which enables a constant throughput of molten material, at a given compounder screw rpm. Hence, a near-perfect starting point for 3D print filaments R&D; ensuring a homogeneous filament, think in normalized 3D filament dimensions, without any voids.


- Possibility to fast screen 3D filaments of different compositions with small amounts of materials
- Enables you to conduct feasibility studies in a quick and efficient manner
- Suitable for the typical FFF polymeric materials e.g PLA, ABS and low viscous polymers like PA
- Wide range of line speeds ranges possible
- Winds the filament on a standardized industrial bobbin
- Can be retrofitted onto an Xplore MC 15 legacy Micrompounder
- Saves costs and time