Double winder line: DWL

The Xplore double winder line (DWL) is specially designed to be used to wind, elongate and de-wind polymer fibers. It enables you to pass a fiber through a temperature controlled oven for a heat treatment or a bath of liquid with additives to impregnate the fiber(s), as a result altering the properties of the mono or multifilament fiber. 

The DWL can also be utilized as a winding and de-winding instrument for testing optimum wind and de-wind conditions for (brittle) fibers e.g lignin to enhance and or speed up fiber R&D (e.g lignin to C-fiber R&D). The DWL is designed to enable an experienced process engineer to wind and de-wind a very fragile monofilament or multifilament in between a carbonisation oven to treat e.g a lignin mono-filament into a C-fiber (this particular oven is not included). Or to guide the multi or mono filament fiber through a liquid or solvent bath. The winding, de-winding speed and elongation ratio of the DWL are adjustable, allowing it to be precisely tailored to each individual fiber heating or coating application.

Key features

  • Smaller samples, faster sample generation. Only a fraction of material and time is used compared to conventional altering of fiber properties.
  • Able to be used with mono and multifilament fibers
  • Very slow draw and stretching rates possible
  • Can be retrofitted with existing oven or liquid bath
  • Variable settings; winding speed, draw ratio and overlap pitch can be adjusted to influence or alter the properties of fibers.
  • Large operating window