Micro compounder 15 ml

This micro compounder has a base capacity of 15 ml and can process batch volumes of 3, 7 or 15 ml via our proprietary Vari-Batch™ technology. In combination with our shaping tools, it is the perfect solution for making different standardized certified shapes, films and fibers for virtually any application or end product.

In addition to all the options for the micro compounder MC 5, the MC 15 micro compounder offers a higher torque of 12 Nm/screw to enable you to process extremely highly viscous materials.

Options for the 15 ml micro compounder include:

  • Vari-Batch™ option.
  • Pneumatic front feeder.
  • Maximum operating temperature 450 C.
  • Cooled feeding top hopper.
  • Elongated forced feeding screws.
  • Maximum torque/screw 12 Nm.
  • Co-rotating and counter rotating gearbox and screws available.
  • Shaping instruments: injection moulding, cast film and fiber lines.