Our mission

We want to be the front runner and trendsetter in micromixing and shaping instruments for polymer/excipient formulation R&D all over the world. Our goal is to combine customer wishes with our experience and know-how to deliver innovative solutions.

Micro extrusion is the key to cost-effective and fast development of new material formulations. Xplore aims to ever increase the quality and possibilities of our mixing and shaping instruments with minimum quantities of material at affordable prices for the customer.

As many R&D challenges are unique, we also develop new innovative instruments for customers to overcome their specific R&D challenges. With our valuable experience in micro compounding and shaping, we also offer application and service support to help our customer in any respect to reaching its challenging targets sooner.


Our vision

Xplore has much respect for the challenges and creativity of researchers and wants to support them with innovative, high-quality screening instruments for the development of (new) viscous formulations.

Xplore aims to facilitate creative R&D people in testing their new ideas through reliable and fast screening of many samples at minimum costs. In this way, Xplore supports the quality and speed of innovation in diverse fields of biomedical, polymer materials, polymer composites, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and energetic materials.