Xplore’s high-quality micro compounders and GMP compliant pharma micro extruders are widely used in pharmaceutical R&D around the world.

HME (Hot Melt Extrusion) is an innovative, relatively new technology to make solid dispersions or solutions that provide increased bioavailability or time-controlled drug delivery, as well as taste masking of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's). HME is attractive as no solvents are involved, process parameters can be well controlled and quickly upscaled to production size. HME has additional advantages such as dust reduction, continuous operation, high reproducibility, high throughput and on-line monitoring.

Our GMP compliant pharma melt extruders (PME 5 and PME 2) have significant benefits for R&D screening of HME formulations:

  • mix tiny sample volumes (2 or 5 ml)
  • guarantee no cross-contamination
  • ensure ease of operation (filling, cleaning, processing, data storage)
  • provide reliable and reproducible results over many years
  • can process at lower temperatures, thus reducing the risk of API degradation
  • offer a hands-on scale-up protocol to larger parallel twin-screw extruders

Besides, advanced GMP compliant shaping equipment (injection moulding, cast film line and a fibre line) can be directly connected to the PME 5, thereby expanding your range of screening and testing possibilities and reducing the time of your formulation project.

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