Polymers & Elastomers

Polymers & Elastomers

Polymer and elastomeric materials have seen tremendous growth in diversity, applications, volume, properties and economic value during the last half-century. This is due to the ingenuity of polymer & rubber chemists, synthesizing a wide variety of different polymers or rubbers with different properties. In addition, formulation chemists compounded these new long chained or networked structures with additives and fillers, thus opening new application possibilities.

With Xplore’s high quality, reliable conical twin screw micro compounders, e.g. our MC 5 or our MC 15 HT, formulation development in polymer materials is tremendously accelerated, not only shortening the development time but also saving a lot of development budget for our customers. Despite distinct differences in shape and size compared with a continuous parallel twin-screw extruder, scaling up of a process in an Xplore micro compounder is well possible.

The development of dedicated micro shaping instruments, such as our injection moulders, cast film lines, Fiber Line, and the recently developed lignin fibre line LFL further simplify and accelerate your polymer materials testing activities.

Especially for the rubber market, our engineers designed the best possible to also provide an alternative for a difficult to clean and labour-intensive laboratory kneader or time-consuming “Banbury” type internal mixer and subsequent two roll mill process for rubber mixing.

With 40 Nm of torque processing rubbers and elastomers also becomes easy, even with fully intermeshing screws, which have better mixing capabilities vs a tangential mixer, commonly used in rubber mixing. As a result, every cubic centimetre of the sample has the same properties, as opposed to a tangential screw design, where generating a consistent sample is often a challenge.

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