Lignin fibre line: LFL

With the Xplore lignin fibre line (LFL) you can quickly produce and condition lignin monofilaments with 5 - 10 g of material. The Xplore LFL is fully compatible with our micro compounders. Cutting edge laboratories use the LFL to wind and condition (cross-link) lignin fibres under exact and reproducible conditions. So you can quickly screen and optimize the process of spinning and conditioning, which are precursors for the carbonization process. This saves costs and development time.

Key features

  • High-speed winding unit (up to 200 m/min) and an extremely accurate conditioning unit where crosslinking by a gas, for instance: oxygen can be achieved. The small footprint of this innovative design allows the equipment to fit on a laboratory bench.
  • Variable settings. Speed, overlap pitch, heating modes and other settings can be adjusted to produce diverse types of fibres.
  • Smaller samples, faster sample generation. Only a fraction of material is used compared to conventional fibre development.
  • Perfect control of fibre stress during conditioning treatment by sensitive grippers and an ultra-accurate linear motor which can move with minimum increments of 1 nanometer (measured).
  • The purge gas is temperature and flow controlled to support gradual and reproducible crosslinking of the lignin fibre, to improve the mechanical properties of lignin fibres to enable a subsequent carbonization step.
  • Option in combination with one of our micro compounders: Continuous feeder kit. No need for an additional spinning pump, as our micro compounder is featured with throughput control to secure uniform fibre diameter.