Injection moulder 5.5 ml: IM 5.5

The Xplore micro injection moulders with a shot volume of 5.5 ml can easily sit on your laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard. Our IM 5.5 fits seamlessly with our twin-screw compounders to streamline your R&D screening. It can also work as stand-alone units to mould formulations that do not require mixing.

The micro injection moulder IM 5.5 allows you to test and evaluate new or expensive materials and formulations in a very reliable, reproducible, fast and cost-effective way with very small amounts of test material.

Key features

  • Compact. They fit easily on your laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard.
  • Flash free. Moulds are tightly fitted in the housing to prevent opening during injection and material flashing.
  • Shrinkage free. Holding pressure and time are precisely controlled to avoid shrinkage in the moulded test sample.
  • Easy filling. The injection unit can be easily filled with compounded material directly from one of our micro-compounders or manually with powder or granules.
  • Standard and custom shapes. Certified dog bone shaped tensile bars, Izod bars and others can be produced standard. Customized shapes can also be provided on request.
  • Consistent shapes. These lab scale injection moulders combine an excellent temperature-controlled mould housing for a conical shaped mould with a controlled heated injection nozzle unit that can be easily removed for filling.
  • High injection force of 18 kN, enabling moulding of very thin shapes and/or filling multiple cavities.
  • Clear ml markings on the piston, makes it easy to determine the amount of material left in the transfer unit 
  • A GMP compliant IM 5.5 is available for pharmaceutical, biomedical and nutritional applications.