Pharma cast film line 50 mm, GMP compliant

The GMP compliant CFL 50 is based on Xplore’s proprietary technology. In combination with our PME 5 micro extruder, it is now possible to obtain reproducible cast film with just 5 g of excipient and API in 5 - 10 minutes. In this way your formulation development time is drastically reduced and considerably less R&D budget is needed.

A representative test film for e.g bucal dosing is now obtained in just a few minutes with only a fraction of material used compared to conventional film development on laboratory equipment. The CFL 50 is especially useful when only a small amount of material is available, or when expensive ingredients are used, like active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc..

Key features

  • Our continuous feed kit, consisting of a mountable barrel hopper and continuous feed screws, makes it possible to process larger samples into extremely long film via continuous extrusion.
  • The pharma film line 50 mm* is able to produce cast film and sheet with 5 – 10 g samples. The integrated air knife can process film up to a width of ca. 50 mm.
  • The film drawing speed is between 100 and 5000 mm/min and the drawing drum can be adjusted with increments of 1 mm/min.*  The second, winding drum is torque controlled (its diameter will grow during the test run), and the winding torque can be adjusted with increments of 1 Nmm.
  • In combination with our micro compounder, which is equipped with throughput control, you can produce a uniform film thickness without the use of a gear pump.
  • Latest results show that films as thin as 5 µm can be obtained without holes.

* Xplore proprietary technology