Conveyor belt

The Xplore conveyor belt pro (CB Pro) unit is specially designed to be used to guide polymer strands directly from a smaller extruder or compounder die. The conveyor belt pro does fit perfectly to our MC 5 and MC 15 HT. The belt speed of the conveyor belt pro is adjustable, allowing it to be precisely tailored to each individual application.

Instead of being conventionally extruded into a water bath, the polymer strand is extruded directly onto a non-sticking PTFE conveyor belt, which carefully, in a controlled manner, draws the fragile nascent strands. This controlled drawing of the strands, while they are still in a non-solid state, prevents breaks or cracks in the strands. This enables the polymer strand to cool down in a predetermined shape ready for a subsequent analysing step or to be directly fed into a small pelletizer.


  • Large operating window
  • Prolonged draw rates possible; as low as 1 m/min
  • Gentle, straight-line strand cool down avoids strand breaks for a subsequent analysing or pelletising step 
  • Can be retrofitted into existing extrusion lines