Micro compounder 5 ml: MC 5

Test new formulations or materials with minute amounts of costly synthesized materials and additives. This micro compounder has a base capacity of 5 ml; our proprietary Vari-Batch™ feature lets you select your batch volume between 2 and 5 ml. Use the 2 ml insert to screen very small samples, or to cut your sample costs in half compared to the 5 ml insert.

Options for the 5 ml micro compounder include:

  • Vari-Batch™ option for 2 or 5 ml batch size.
  • Pneumatic front feeder.
  • Maximum operating temperature 450 C.
  • Cooled feeding top hopper.
  • Elongated forced feeding screws.
  • Maximum torque/screw 6 Nm.
  • Co-rotating and counter rotating gearbox and screws available.
  • Shaping instruments: injection moulding, cast film and fiber lines.