Pharma melt extruders (HME): PME 5 and PME 2

Xplore's pharma melt extruder (PME 5) is a high quality, GMP compliant instrument for Hot Melt Extrusion (HME). The PME 5 has a standard volume of 5 ml and is engineered for user-friendliness, flexibility, speed and reliability. Xplore also offers a set of 2 ml* barrel liners for twin-screw extrusion of a minimum amount of product (PME 2, see image below) to meet the demanding screening requirements of pharmaceutical R&D applications.

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Key features

  • Two instruments in one with 5 or 2 ml interchangeable barrel liners (other volumes on request).
  • Easy to fill quantitatively with water-cooled top hopper and extended, forced feeding screws, also fluffy or sticky powders.
  • Interchangeable, conical, fully intermeshing co-rotating screws - for optimum mixing and maximum yield.
  • GMP design for easy and thorough cleaning due to clamshell design and contamination-free operations.
  • Faster screening by cleaning screws and barrel liners in parallel during the next experiment.
  • Precise temperature control by seven thermocouples and six heating cartridges.
  • High melt torques possible (18 Nm/screw) for low-temperature extrusion and minimum degradation risk.
  • Dedicated software for process and rheological data.
  • Protocol for easy upscaling to parallel twin-screw extruders.
  • A compact tabletop instrument with small footprint fits in a fume hood or classified room.
  • Optional extras - to fully meet your specific requirements.

* Proprietary Xplore technology, IP protected