About Xplore's PME

Need a reliable and efficient way to screen pharmaceutical or biomedical products with melt extrusion? The PME 5 and PME 2 micro extruders from Xplore make your R&D life easier. Fast, reliable and reproducible, it reduces development times and expands your commercial window for new medicine formulations.

Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) is becoming accepted in the pharmaceutical industry because it formulates insoluble compounds into successful drug/polymer systems with much improved bioavailability. Until now it was difficult to develop new HME formulations cost-efficiently in early stage developments because of too large extruder volumes. Our PME is a small volume, tabletop, twin-screw micro extruder that is very reliable, reproducible, flexible, fast and easy to operate and cost-effective with a minimum extruder volume of 2 ml and maximum volume of 5 ml. It meets the demanding GMP compliant screening requirements of pharmaceutical and biomedical R&D applications.

Reliable – reproducible high quality products

These micro extruders enable precise and quantitative dosing of powder formulations at high torques (18 Nm/screw) and low processing temperatures. This delivers maximal dispersion and enables operation just above the glass transition temperature, which lowers the risk of drug degradation. Barrel and screws have a high hardness guaranteeing minimum abrasion and reproducible dimensions and results over years. Accurate inline temperature control (7 thermocouples) provides a reliable feedback of the processing temperature history of the melt.

Flexible – handle diverse experiments

The interchangeable barrel liners are available in 2 ml and 5 ml, and other volumes as needed. The residence time can be adjusted by a valve. Barrel liners without a recirculation channel can be used for continuous experiments. The extruder outlet can be set to continuous mode or batch mode.

Fast – perform at least 30 percent more tests per day

Designed for speed, the barrel liners and screws can be quickly exchanged. Cleaning and mixing can be done in parallel, so you can run more and different experiments in the same time.

Cost-effective – cut sample costs by half

The new micro extruder offers a 2 ml barrel liner, allowing you to perform twin-screw extrusion with a minimum amount of product, thereby cutting your sample costs by half. The fully intermeshing screws and small return channel guarantee high extrusion yields.

Easy and convenient operation

This system is easy to run in R&D as no optimization of screw geometry is needed and variations in L/D are easily mimicked by shorter or longer recirculation times. Users can control the system at the instrument via a touch screen or from a distance with a computer. Rheological and process data can be quickly acquired and further processed with our dedicated software. A protocol for upscaling to larger parallel twin-screw extruders can be provided.