Lab compounder 40 ml: MC 40

Melt torque: 40 Nm within the 1 - 500 rpm range

Time to explore the benefits of the Xplore MC 40, larger 40 ml batch size, accurate rpm control and strong in torque.

The Xplore MC 40, is our latest innovation, a 40 ml lab compounder that will further simplify and accelerate your R&D: it is strong in shear, can handle high viscosities, larger batches, gives fine dispersion, excellent mixing and high operational stability. It's very strong 24 bits drive is ultra stable (screw torque), with a small foot print: therefore it gives you more with less.

Made by hand for those who value perfection: Xplore 40 ml lab compounder, a legend experience.

Although it seems a revolution in looks and drive specs, it is an evolution in volume and mixing behaviour:

● 30 to 40 ml batch size, depending on the screw geometry
● rpm range (1-500), higher shear rates hence excellent dispersion, easier to scale up
● screw torque (40 Nm) within the 1-500 rpm range, more stable extrusion rate 
● longer residence time in continuous mode compounding
● excellent control over throughput, improved dimensional stability of spun filaments and casted films 
● strong accurate 24 bits motor drive, so mixing of higher viscous compounds now possible
● small foot print, lower housing, so easier to move and install in a fume cupboard
● stiffer housing, so less wear of screws and barrel, longer life time, less maintenance
● by design easier to work with, to install add-ons (film or fiber line) and to maintain
● maximum operating temperature 450 C

Much desired options are Xplore's proprietary rheological software, which enables upscaling to large parallel twin screw extruders (not possible? Fake news from competition!).

This MC 40 is inspired by Xplores customer's wishes to process larger amounts of material and our drive to continuous improvement. The Xplore MC 40 looks similar to our MC 15 HT, but is very useful when larger yield is desired for subsequent analysing steps, it gives unique application possebilities where amount of processed material is key.

With 40 Nm of torque processing rubbers and elastomers becomes easy, even with fully intermeshing screws, which have better mixing capabilities vs a tangential mixer, commonly used in rubber mixing. As a result, every cm3 has exactly the same properties, as opposed to a tangential screw design, where generating a consistent sample is still a challenge.

Inspired by the need of our existing customers, our engineers designed the best possible to provide an alternative for a difficult to clean and labor-intensive laboratory kneader or a time consuming “banburry” type internal mixer and subsequent two roll mill process for rubber mixing.

This is not a want to have, but a must have for every R&D and quality control lab working with larger amounts of plastics, resins, compounds, elastomers, or film, filament and reactive extrusion.