Biomedical markets offer a wide scope of potential applications for our micro compounders conditions. It excels in ease of operation (fast and easy to fill and clean), robust design, high screw torque, small working volume and high yield. Besides, our rheological software shows the most relevant rheological data during an experiment. This guarantees extra process control and more reliable scaling up to larger parallel twin-screw extruders.
These micro compounders excel in abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, durability and reliability of barrel and screw geometry over many years. No Ion exchanges are guaranteed between the barrel alloy and the processed polymeric materials.

Our instruments outperform in reliable and fast testing of many commodity and engineering plastic formulations for biomedical equipment and applications. Injection moulded test bars are easily produced to screen ideas for performance improvement or new applications.

Our high quality, robust and small volume instruments provide the biomedical world with excellent tools to accelerate material development and to explore new applications and new product shapes over many years. Also, we can provide a proprietary protocol to enable reliable scale-up from our small volume conical twin-screw extruder to larger parallel twin-screw extruders.

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