Rubber and Elastomers

Rubber and Elastomers

Process small amounts of rubber into a homogeneous test sample in less than 5 minutes

Lab-scale formulation development is conventionally carried out using small-scale tangential internal mixers called Banbury-type mixers in the rubber industry for over a decade. These conventional compounding methods contain some critical disadvantages, such as being labour and time-intensive to prepare a sample of one batch, cleaning is a difficult challenging task, having a long turn around time, etc. It needs at least 300–400 ml of material; therefore, working with expensive additives is an issue.

Besides, internal mixers have a big footprint and mostly need separate laboratory space because of CB dusting. However, high torque laboratory twin-screw micro-compounders, which have been serving the plastic industry for more than 30 years, can be effectively used to formulate new rubber compounds for fast and accurate sample preparation that can contribute to the economics of Rubber R&D.

Especially for the rubber market, our engineers designed the best possible our MC 15 HT and MC 40, to provide an alternative for a difficult-to-clean and labour-intensive laboratory kneader or time-consuming “Banbury” type internal mixer and subsequent two roll mill process for rubber mixing.

With 40 Nm of screw torque, processing rubber compounds becomes easier, even with fully intermeshing screws.

Much more comprehensive mixing than the commonly used tangential screw design type rubber mixers. Every ml of material has exactly the same properties. Contrast that with a tangential screw design, where generating a consistent sample is still a challenge. Our MC 15 HT or MC 40 lab compounder provides a neater alternative rubber mixing solution to the difficult-to-clean and labour-intensive “Banbury” type internal lab mixer plus a two-roll mill process, which usually takes around 30 minutes.

Our alternatives mixes 15 ml to 40 ml of rubber in only 5 minutes, generating a homogeneous mixture for subsequent analysis. Thus saving material costs and precious time and also limiting the exposure time to chemicals for your instrument operators.

Do you have challenges in these areas? Xplore can quickly help you solve these issues with our high-quality micro- compounders and post-die instruments to solve your R&D challenges.

Our devices are used for feasibility studies, screening of viscous formulations and technical marketing issues.

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