Products overview

Xplore is the pioneer in microprocessing and shaping instruments that offer high quality, reliable andeproducible results of highly viscous compounds in R&D. This guarantees a more cost-efficient, speedier recipe (formulation) development and shorter time-to-market.

Our tabletop micro compounders are designed to mimic the mixing behaviour of large, co-rotating, twin-screw compounders while offering precise control of temperature, mixing intensity and mixing time. Sample volumes range from 2 ml (the smallest in the world)* to 15 ml and even 40 ml, so researchers can easily and quickly produce high-quality test samples with small volumes, thus cutting costs and winning costly R&D time.
Our compounders fit in a fume cupboard, limiting the exposure of hazardous material to your valuable operators.

Our shaping instruments are of the same high quality and consist of injection moulders, fibre lines, cast film lines and a 3D filament line that are compatible with the Xplore micro compounders and extruders and several other types of extruders.

Benefits are lower sample material consumption, reduced environmental load as a result less contamination, limited operator health risk exposure and, due to the small footprint, efficient use of your lab space.