Micro cast film lines

Looking for a small scale, reliable and cost-efficient way to screen your new polymer films? Our CFL 35CFL 65CFPL and CFL 50 cast film lines produce flawless cast films from only a few grams of material. Fully compatible with our micro compounders, they are particularly beneficial when only small amounts of material are available or when using expensive polymers or additives. Many R&D facilities use our micro cast film lines to reduce their screening costs and accelerate their R&D processes.

Key features

  • Faster film production. The representative film is obtained within a few minutes to speed your screening workflow.
  • Smaller samples. Compared to conventional film development, only a fraction of material is used therefore ideal for new formulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc..
  • Ultra-thin, ultra-wide, ultra-long. Process films up to 65 mm wide using our air knife, down to 5 µm thick and with extreme lengths to meet your test requirements.
  • Additional calender(s) for slip-free film transport.
  • Customized solutions to meet specific requirements.