Maintenance services

All Xplore instruments are designed, manufactured and tested for optimum use by our customers. On installation, our hands-on training can give a head start to the operating personnel by showing many “tips and tricks” that demonstrate the full potential of your new instrument(s). This will guarantee reliable, efficient and reproducible material formulation R&D with minimum downtime and low maintenance costs for the first few years.

Your processing instrument has no secrets for us!

A preventive maintenance contract will guarantee that your instrument will continue to perform according to the specs of a new instrument over many more years: your instrument(s) will be serviced by a qualified service engineer. He will inspect the instrument to prevent or repair defects, advise on new or improved accessories, or, if necessary, update firmware. Such planned preventive maintenance will minimize your downtime and will further improve your "up time", thus accelerating your R&D projects.

Comply with your company policies, guidelines, regulations, audits and country-specific legislation.

Maintenance contracts will keep your instrument(s) in top-notch condition, guarantee reproducible results and reliable data over the years and minimize the chance of malfunction in the future. Xplore continuously puts efforts into the training of its personnel. Certified know-how, skills and expertise needed to carry out all the fundamental procedures ensure your device continues to perform at its peak level. Furthermore, ensuring you comply with your company policies, guidelines and country-specific regulations & legislation.

Please contact Xplore for more information on your specific maintenance needs.