Easy to use, robust Xplore instruments: faster and more reliable R&D results

Xplore’s micro compounding and shaping instruments are designed for formulation development and screening of polymer materials, compounds, biomedical and pharmaceutical formulations, energetic materials and nutritional products.

We can help you with small scale mixing instruments (extruders and compounders), injection moulding, fiber spinning and conditioning, and cast film lines. Our equipment excels in durability, reliability, control and ease of use. Our conical twin screw compounders can be equipped with proprietary rheological software that provides screw torque in the melt, melt viscosity, shear rate and shear stress. In addition we can offer you a proprietary up-scaling protocol  to larger, parallel twin screw extruders.

We can also develop custom designed solutions such as a lignin fiber line or a multi-filament fiber die.

These instruments help you to compound your new formulations in a more reliable and faster manner and also to shape them into reproducible test samples, films or fibers. A typical compounding and shaping process can now be performed in less than 10 min with a sample of 5 -15 ml. Our dedicated cleaning cycle guarantees optimum cleaning in a short turn around time.

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