Xplore Instruments attracts AXECO Participaties as a partner  

Xplore Instruments attracts AXECO Participaties as a partner  

About Xplore


Xplore started in the ’90s to develop and build unique micro-scale polymer processing instruments for researchers. Xplore’s focus, in the last decade, broadened to many more customers,markets, and applications. This resulted in innovative new developments in instrument design and a broad portfolio of screening tools for material formulation development. Xplore is strongly aware of how R&D can contribute to sustainable organic growth of a product portfolio that can serve in many areas of "circular economy" applications. The motto “Continuous Innovation” is rooted deep in the genes of the Xplore leadership and their employees.



About AXECO Participaties


AXECO supports strong businesses to lead the way in building a better future. AXECO invests in medium-sized businesses where societal and financial success goes hand in hand. AXECO supports the teams of its portfolio companies as an active shareholder by further developing the strategy, culture and execution power required to succeed.





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