Circularity and Sustainability

Circularity and Sustainability

Research and Development (R&D) of circular polymeric materials and recyclates is nowadays a critical area of study and innovation aimed at addressing environmental concerns related to plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable approach to material usage. Circular polymeric materials refer to plastics and rubbers that are designed, produced, and managed to close the loop in their lifecycle, including recycling and re-using them effectively. Researchers working in many fields actively develop novel polymers or modify existing ones to enhance their recyclability, bio-degradability, and overall environmental performance. In composite materials, the challenge is creating composite materials that combine recycled polymers with other substances to improve their properties and applications. Also, they are investigating and improving bio-degradability or bio-based plastics as an alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Ideally, mechanical recycling R&D is executed in our small R&D compounders, where only small amounts of sample material in combination with property-enhancing fillers and or additives can be mixed. As a result, changing plastic waste is transformed into high-quality recyclates to make, in the end, high-quality samples for subsequent analytical purposes. Hence contributing to quickly developing new sustainable products with a second lifetime.

Our micro-compounders can also improve the properties of your recyclates by modifying them chemically, e.g. in our MC 15 HT or an MC 40, such as mixing in viscosity enhancers, chain extenders and compatibilisation in case of a mixture of plastic waste. Our rheological software will immediately detect any change in shear viscosity, hence detecting a difference in flow behaviour. Downstream (post-die), Xplore can offer injection moulders, a pelletizer, and when our compounders are used in continuous mode, small cast film lines, and a fibre line, which perfectly fit our micro compounders. Also, our volumetric dosing units will help you assist in accurately feeding granules into the Xplore compounders, securing a precise throughput and guaranteeing the dimension stability of your nascent post-die sample.
Shortly said, our devices can help you create faster plastic-to-plastic loops, creating closed-loop systems where plastic products can be repeatedly recycled and re-manufactured.

R&D in circular polymeric materials and recyclates is essential for reducing the environmental footprint of plastic materials and transitioning towards a more sustainable and circular economy. It involves a multi-disciplinary approach, requiring collaboration between scientists, engineers, policy makers, and businesses to drive innovation and create a more sustainable plastic future.

Do you have challenges in these areas? Xplore can quickly help you solve these issues with our high-quality micro- compounders and post-die instruments to solve your R&D challenges. Our devices are used for feasibility studies, screening of viscous formulations and technical marketing issues.

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