Energetic materials

Energetic materials

Processing of energetic materials for e.g. demolition purposes (shape charges), requires special attention to reduce the risk of any unwanted reaction. Therefore, a small mixing volume and a well-controlled, reproducible and robust mixing instrument are preferred with exact control over the specific mechanical energy input. Xplore can help you with such a micro compounder that can mix a broad range of viscosities in a vast temperature range. The temperature control is unprecedented for such a small instrument (6 controllable barrel sections, up to 450 C) and our proprietary rheological software provides useful data for upscaling.

The extreme abrasion and chemical resistance of the barrel and screws guarantee reliable results over many years. The compounder volume can be chosen between 2 and 5 (MC 5) or 3, 7 and 15 ml (MC 15 HT). The distributive and dispersive mixing power of the micro compounder is optimized by fully intermeshing conical screws. The mixing time is controlled by a valve, which enables recirculation (i.e. mixing for a longer time) or outflow of the formulation. Thus the L/D of a parallel twin-screw extruder is mimicked by a shorter or longer recirculation time before outflow. The specific mechanical energy can be derived from the data of the rheological software.

In addition, we can provide you with proprietary rheological software and an upscaling protocol for parallel twin-screw compounders. The outflow of mixed material can directly be used for injection moulding or strand extrusion.

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