Polymeric materials have grown tremendously in diversity, applications, volume, properties and economic value during the last half-century. This is due to the ingenuity of polymer chemists, synthesizing a wide variety of different polymers with different properties. Inaddition, formulation chemists compounded these new long-chained or networked structures with additives and fillers, thus opening new application possibilities. Polymers are used in nearly all markets, and we all know we can’t engineer more without polymers since metals become more and more sparse. However, single-use plastics applications should be limited to the ultimate minimum.

With Xplore’s high quality, reliable conical twin screw micro compounders, e.g. our MC 5, MC 15 HT and our MC 40, formulation development, screening and feasibility studies in polymer materialsis tremendously accelerated, not only shortening the development time but also saving a lot of development budget for our customers. Despite distinct differences in shape and size compared with a continuous parallel twin-screwextruder, scaling up a process in an Xplore micro-compounder is possible. Our twin-screw fully intermeshing compounders can process all type of polymers up to a viscosity of 200.000 Pa⋅s.

The Xplore micro-compounder range gives you merely much more value for money: better mixing, easy to vary residence time, longer lifetime (> 10 y) by the extremely robust design (motor drive, housing, barrel and screws), higher long term reproducibility, smaller compound volume, higher output by fully intermeshing screws, faster and more reproducible in-line injection moulding,film, or (multi) filament extrusion than any competing lab extruder; with continuous monitoring of screw torque, easy and fast cleaning with the integrated water cooling jackets and use of a dedicated cleaning compound. No need for screw design and easy toscale up to larger parallel twin-screw extruders. It can also be used in continuous mode if only melting and extrusion is needed (filaments, films), also vertical extrusion possible, fluids can be dosed without leakage.

The Xplore micro-compounder platform for formulation development will thus further simplify and accelerate your R&D! More than 30 years of Dutchcraftsmanship, dedication to perfection.

Xplore has also developed dedicated micro post die shaping instruments, such as our injection moulders, cast film lines, and fiber line, further simplifies and accelerates your polymer materials testing activities.

Hence speeding up your product to market time.

Do you have challenges in these areas? Xplore can quickly help you solve these issues with our high-quality micro- compounders and post-die instruments to solve your R&D challenges.

Our devices are used for feasibility studies, screening of viscous formulations and technical marketing issues.

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